Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Anddd We're Back!!!

So we've been gone for a minute working on a whole new web page so that we could upgrade for all of you guys, but unfortunately things did not work out as planned. I'm sure you are all familiar with the age old saying ' If you want something done right... Do it yourself '

We tried making the website ourselves but it turns out that there are still some things that we have yet to master! LOL So with all of that being said the Lulu Dash web page is still under construction and has been passed through the hands of many professionals but like all things I life, building a website takes time. (and a lot more time than we had anticipated) We are genuinely sorry for leaving you guys in the dark and we've missed you dearly! To be quite honest we've missed you guys so much that we couldn't wait any longer post. So until our new home is ready you can find all the latest content here!

We hope that you will forgive me us for being gone for so long!!

We missed you

Lulu Dash

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