Friday, March 04, 2011

Find Me My Colour!

Finding Lipstick in the perfect shade for your complexion can be pretty tricky... But don't lose hope! I found a perfect reference guide on how to find the perfect lip colour just for YOU!

If you have FAIR SKIN you will look best in pinky nudes. Subtle pale pinks, and cherry reds.

MEDIUM or TANNED COMPLEXIONS are flattered by yellow or orange-based nudes, vibrant pinks and classic tomatoes reds.

If you're a DARKER SKIN TONE you can also benefit from yellow or orange-based nudes, as well as bold berries and fuchsias, and earthy, brick reds.

*TIP* With spring just around the corner a lot of ladies are going to want to try PINK LIPS. If the reference guide seems a little too confusing to follow... Just SMILE; your perfect shade is about the same colour as your gums - no lighter.

**TIP** If the colour that you bought doesnt come out in the same shade on your lips as it is in the tube, try priming your lips with foundation first then applying the lip colour over top!

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