Friday, May 28, 2010

Betsey Johnson Fall 2010 RTW

I've always loved Betsey Johnson for her quirky designs. Now this collection I'm not a HUGE fan of all the pieces but I find it interesting and unique how she puts together her shows. From the head pieces, to accessories, to the prints on the fabrics, down to the set up of the runway. Anywho, I adore her and this collection doesn't fail to flaunt her unique talent.

Yo Side Of The Bed

Love...LOVE Trey Songz. Love Keri Hilson. Love this song. And now...I LOVE this video. It's a bit sad once you catch on to the sotry line but none-the-less, a stray in a different direction from his recent "panty-dropping" music videos! And I can't even lie...this one got me a little teary-eyed. =( Anyway...ENJOY! ♥