Thursday, December 31, 2009



So yummy!!

LOVE this song... LOVE him... **day-dreaminggggg** :);) xox


Need to watch this... I don't even know what to say.... Sorry for having to put the link instead of the video - I'm new bare with me :$:)

Weight limit fall...

YOU honestly need to watch this - I DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


SOOOOOOOOOO I am going to start off by saying I LOVE THIS WOMEN!!!!!!!!

One of the few people I work with that's there for ME, and always down for a challenge...
The MOST gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawgeous person I have met in '09... On the runway... On set... & as a friend... December 24th KATIE's boyfriend dropped to one knee and asked for her hand... SHE'S NOW ENGAGED!!!!!♥ Katie has blessed me with the honor of designing her wedding dress :')
- Super excited to be a part of this gorgeous moment... YOU AWWWWWWREADY KNOW REESE GOTCHA, all the best to you & your hubby!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

REESÉ fashion show...

My second fashion show for REESE at Caesar Martini - Waterloo...
Hard when you are in the be hide the scenes... BUT I know that under intense pressure my models held it down! NO rehearsal, NO hair stylist <-- bailed out... etcccccc overall from my models to my AMAZING team, I wouldn't have pulled it off without any of them♥

Host Kristelle Lucia owner of Lucia i Lucia lux boutique introducing REESE...

Model: Jean... Looking ravishing in "Flirty night out"

Model: Diana... Stunning as ever in "Beach-boyfriend" with Gafas gorgeous pair of 80's vintage Dior.

Model: Monika... Looking uber cute "SBM2"

Model: Erica... Looking fab-u-lous in "V1"

Model: Chanel... Turning heads in "RG" (pants) wearing (looooove these) Gafas stunning pair of Dita vault XANADU.

Model: Mandy... Looking gaaaaaaawgeous in "V2"

Model: Katie... Rocking the runway in "Hooded-cutie" WITH MY PERSONAL FAV of Gafas Dita Copious.

Model: Chirsty... KILLING the runway way in "B/W Rose" --> SOO PROUD of you babygirl! xo

Model: Savy... Looking glamorous in "Can't keep her waiting"

Model: Jasmine... Looking BEYOND beautiful in "Mixxed-breed"

Model: Monika... Absolutely stunning in "Fashionably late"

Model: Zoey... Making her mark on the runway as certified DIVA in "Power-REESE" while rocking Gafas pair of 80's vintage Playboy.

About to take my walk on the carpet - stressed much?

My gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawgeous models & I ♥ --Whewwwwwwwww good show ladies!

Special thanks goes out to...

My mommy
Kristelle Lucia
Matthew Pompey
SNAP magazine
& all my friends who came out to support :)

Any information or inquiries on REESÉ...

561 Queen Street W
Toronto, ON M5V 2B6
(416) 601-4786

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good or bad day?

Sooooooo is started my day off with a wicked work out -- Thank you Raph, Alyas & Golden!

So Golden & I both decided we were over due for a Pedicure... Sore and damn right excited to get my feet rubbed... We were told we would have to wait for 15mins.... Why is it that we ended up WAITING AN HOUR in the chair??? - At least I was getting a massage... Watless chairs but none the less it paid MORE attention to us then the employees!! HUGE EEEEERKS -- Anyway I left the place with a massage that I could have done my damn self & prune toes!! I WAS BENT!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Stephanie's (sister) first and it's a BOY!!! :):)

Picture taken Oct 6/09
My gaaaaaaaawgeous nephew is due - Feb 2010

My top 7 yummy-est males...

Yeah yeah I said 7 instead of top 5 or 10!

B.K.A Justin Bobby from The Hills --- Any girl that gets to ride on the back of his bike is one lucky chick ;)

Jake Gyllenhaal *day dreaming* ..................Alright I'm back - ADORES HIM HUGE♥

KB24 -- Awwwwwwwwwwready know I like em tall! ;);)

VIN DIESEL, VIN DIESEL, VIN DIESEL♥ - I'm just going to keep those thoughts to myself!

Pharrell, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa I have a little fetish for skater boys that are TATTED - soooo yummy!

IVERSON --- Need I say more??? ♥

My heart MELTS for Nelly, Ashanti is one lucky women!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ladies in REESE;)

My gorgeous ladies wearing REESE on their "night on the town" - LOVES IT ;;)

Lissa (Middle) is wearing a custom REESE ruffled dress at the Lebron James party...

Katty (Left) wearing a hoodie-small-knitted dress & VeeVee (right) is wearing her custom birthday dress @ her & styles private birthday at 111 Yorkville...

Lydia is wearing her custom heart shaped tube, with black flowers on the left...

Gaaaaaaaaaaawgeous xox

Friday, December 18, 2009

Zigga-Zagga's 2010 calender...

It was an interesting night...

Cover girl ;)
The genius beyond this calendar is REESEE ZIGGA ZAGGA!



Taking a look...

Matt & friend

January - Annie♥

August - Tass♥

July & August ;)

Serg & I

Mark & I

Snypez & I

Trissy & I

Cuteeeee smile... BUT I still killed you in Xbox LOL

Marlon, REESE & Matt

Zigga Zagga team - Maria & Reesee chatting away...

Ms Jackson & friend

LOL... He isn't ready just yet...

Taj & the ladies of DIFFY

Snypez & Marlon

Annie & 1/2 member of 4-corners


& again!