Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Beauty Trend: Eyelashes

Zoey "I wear fake eye lashes more regularly than drag queens and have gone as far as to get semi permanent eyelash extensions! (The aftermath of those def wasn't pretty but, while I had them on I was batting my lashes left, right and center!) I absolutely love long lush lashes... A must for any woman who wants to feel sexy."

Reese "I do NOT leave the house without my fake lashes!"

Jasmine (Model) "They make my eyes pop looking even more gorgeous with the right fake eye lashes and it draws more attention to my eyes."

Kiki (Health Sciences undergraduate student) "I don't like them, then again I have never used them myself."

Janelle Morgan (Event Planner) "Fake Lashes should be used when out on dates/social functions makes the eyes more dramatic."


  1. I have decided that I want to give the fake eye lashes a try i love the way they look; but I want to be able to wear them during the day and the nigt without over doing it.
    Where do you both get you lashes from?

  2. Zoey and I don't have a specific place... I personally like to get them thick, and not so long. We also use hair glue, when it drys it looks like eyeliner. Hair glue also stays on day to night (depending on how to take care of them) and when time comes it's very easy to peel off without ripping out any of your own lashes!


  3. Very new to the whole fake lashes scene first time I got them done professionally and lost half of my own Smh*, but tried again and I'm in love...but still loose lashes:(...Lol not as much though ...thanks for the tip I shall try the hair glue:)