Saturday, January 30, 2010



I wouldn't take him back ----> She has CLEARLY lost her mind!

I couldn't imagine having this many children.

I dislike what Rihana is wearing, STRONGLY!

Extremely disturbing!

I had no idea he was in jail. Lucky for him a fan bailed him at $1700... To be honest I wouldn't have bailed him out.

I'm more disturbed then turned on ---> what you think?

Source: GoDIVA Girls


Totally forgot to post this on Wednesday... Raptors VS the MIA HEAT ----> WE WON WOOOT WOOOOT***

Funny thing is Jazz and I were soooooo confused as to why their jerseys said Huskies?? We thought we have been out of the loop <---- which we clearly was when we noticed it was the RAPS 15th anniversary! ANY WHO GO RAPTORS ;;)


I'm a huge fan of Vintage fashion, accessories, and jewellery. I did a little hunting on the good old Gooogle & found a few pieces that I wiiiish I could find. My life would then be complete!...just kidding, but I'd be so happy lol.

Especially love the middle one!

Everyday type rings, not too "OUT THERE" but fun enough to add a little "summ summ." =)

I have one like this, but I can't seem to find it! Hmph!

This reminds me of some type of native art, either way, LOVE IT!

I'd really love a ring like this, maybe minus the "Bill 13" LOL. This is actually a personalised War ring I find online, but I love the look.

A lot of you might not be realling into the whole bintage vibe, but try and throw on a ring or two & you'd be surprised what it'll do for your outfit.


I'm on a little gossip dig today, and here's a few things I've got for you!
The Game has inpregnated reality TV bimbo Tila Tequila? I'm sure you've all heard about it by now. Apparently she's full of BS! LOL
He clears it all up, well he gives us his side of the story.

Don't know if you've watched the new season of 'American Idol', I've unfortunately missed them..I'm a busy beee! But anyway, I watched this video on Youtube. This man had #pantsontheground as a trending topic (TT) for you Twitter heads, but here it is..."LOOKING LIKE A FOOL WITH YOUR PANTS ON THE GROUND!" LOOL
The video I included is a bit edited!

I'll be back with some more in a little while!


I'm not sure how many of you watched the new hit reality show, "Jersey Shore", but I know I sure did, and then watched the marathon to catch up with everything. Well the finale was pretty intense, some things predictable, like Mike and Snooki/Schnickers whatever you wanna call her LOL. Anywho, according to, the cast has agreed to do a second season. I don't know about you but I don't think I could get sick of watching them and their fist pumps!

Friday, January 29, 2010

BTS Video of the "REESÉ" shoot

It was a 14½ hour day of hard work, but I'm glad to have worked with such amazing & talented people. I'm extremely lucky to have such good friends who came out to support me, and models that came out and worked fabulously under all the pressure.

Make sure you check out the bloopers & be on the lookout for the photos!


This commercial made my night LOL.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

In ♥ with Valentino


Some more BTS of the REESÉ shoot

REESE at 2:30am...

After a LONG day of shooting, we wrapped up at around 1:30am! Tired & hungryyyyyyyy, I'm happy to say it was a faaaaaaaaaaabulous shoot!!! I'm extremely grateful to such amazing friends & people to work with... P.S MY MODELS WERE EXTRA HOTTTTTTTTTT bwahahahahah ;;)

Model: Victoria & Make-up: Anna

Models: Carter, Myself & Assia <---- she traveled from MTRL JUST FOR ME, I feel special... Smoooooches dawwling!

BB life ---> so addicting ♥

Model: Carter... I found my twin ;)

Going over a few things with Model: Daniele ---> her photos to stunning for my life!

Domo & I <3... Ugh, we're too much, LOVES IT!

Model: Tijana

Model: Victoria

Getting hair(Tina) & make-up(Anna) done

ARN'T THEY THE SWEEEEETEST?????? Yeah DON'T let them cute faces fool you! Diva's in training.

Biggest nerd I know!

One of the cutest & most annoying couples in the GTA♥

Jiggz on point! Model: Tijana

Clothing: REESÉ
Jewelry: K&S
Hair: Tina T.
Make-up: Anna
Photography: Matthew Pompey

Special thank goes out to... Matt, Jiggz, Katiya, Jazz, Tijana, Assia, Raqelle, Laith, Carter, Tina, Anna, Vanessa, Daniele, Sarah, Zoey, Victoria, Sharob, Savy, Ashele, Keyz & Glow studios

Sunday, January 24, 2010


On a brief intermission from the REESÉ photoshoot, we had a little Mac shoot of our own! =)