Monday, January 25, 2010

Some more BTS of the REESÉ shoot

REESE at 2:30am...

After a LONG day of shooting, we wrapped up at around 1:30am! Tired & hungryyyyyyyy, I'm happy to say it was a faaaaaaaaaaabulous shoot!!! I'm extremely grateful to such amazing friends & people to work with... P.S MY MODELS WERE EXTRA HOTTTTTTTTTT bwahahahahah ;;)

Model: Victoria & Make-up: Anna

Models: Carter, Myself & Assia <---- she traveled from MTRL JUST FOR ME, I feel special... Smoooooches dawwling!

BB life ---> so addicting ♥

Model: Carter... I found my twin ;)

Going over a few things with Model: Daniele ---> her photos to stunning for my life!

Domo & I <3... Ugh, we're too much, LOVES IT!

Model: Tijana

Model: Victoria

Getting hair(Tina) & make-up(Anna) done

ARN'T THEY THE SWEEEEETEST?????? Yeah DON'T let them cute faces fool you! Diva's in training.

Biggest nerd I know!

One of the cutest & most annoying couples in the GTA♥

Jiggz on point! Model: Tijana

Clothing: REESÉ
Jewelry: K&S
Hair: Tina T.
Make-up: Anna
Photography: Matthew Pompey

Special thank goes out to... Matt, Jiggz, Katiya, Jazz, Tijana, Assia, Raqelle, Laith, Carter, Tina, Anna, Vanessa, Daniele, Sarah, Zoey, Victoria, Sharob, Savy, Ashele, Keyz & Glow studios

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