Friday, January 29, 2010

BTS Video of the "REESÉ" shoot

It was a 14½ hour day of hard work, but I'm glad to have worked with such amazing & talented people. I'm extremely lucky to have such good friends who came out to support me, and models that came out and worked fabulously under all the pressure.

Make sure you check out the bloopers & be on the lookout for the photos!


  1. lol,,,,domo yous a cutiee,,,reese exceptional as usuallll,,,1 love

  2. of MATTER fact,,,wtf,???,whos DOMO???,,jazze---> u r tha cutiee,,whtas name of tha song at 3.08?????

  3. Jazze & Domo = The same person LOL. And taaaankkyyyouu!