Sunday, February 28, 2010

Craig Lawrence


The One that's Always Hungry...

Now I'm not to sure if anyone remember these little characters? IIIII do... LOVE THEM! My mom used to always buy me the tees, I even had the little books...

mom said this one was MADE for me...
She's kinda right.... 3:05am making a quesadilla... Thanks to Jay:)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

More reasons to travel!

My newly discovered obsession....a strange one...but its...suitcases? YEP!
"Heys" suitcases to be specific! Take a lookiee!

Check out the "xcase Exotic" series!

I love the lights on the wheels. LOL
Just because yellow is my FAVE! (remember that!)
(Part of the mini series)

I think this is the one I'm gonna get first!

Love, love, love this colour!

I'm just a fan of the animal print. What can I say, I'm an animal lover! =)

Zebra's my favourite animal print!

Where I wanna be! ♥

These are a few places I'd LOVE to travel to. One day.












Oh, by the way. I WILL visit every one of these places!

Beyond yummy!!

Cristiano Ronaldo follows David-YUMMY-Beckham as Armani underwear's spokesmodel.
Tehe, a side from basketball... I would have to say Soccer is another FAV sport of mine ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

It was a private gathering for McQueen's funeral, where family and close friends came to mourn the late designer. Close friends such as Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss were in attendance.


I wanna see this!

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Its not what you wear its how you wear it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

FYI! Health & Beauty! ♥

I've got a few tips for you ladies (some of the skin care tips for the gentlemen as well lol). Be on the lookout as I will be posting random health & beauty tips here and there, possibly a few times a week. Never hurts to take care of our bodies right?! So pay attention and try a few of them out! =)


If you're like me, you're not a huge fan of concealer & foundation, but sometimes it comes in handy. Here's a few tips!

1. To extend the life of your foundation or to cut down, try mixing it with a touch of your facial moisturizer.
2. When picking out your concealer/foundation, test the colour on the inside of your wrist. The skin has the LEAST amount of blemishes, and generally gives you an idea of what it will look like on your face!
3. Try applying a light additional layer of foundation after you've done your eye makeup. It makes it easier to fix any last minute smudges from either your mascara or eyeliner under your eyes.

Most of us, if not ALL of us are unfortunate enough to have to sometimes deal with those crappy bumps on our faces. Possibly the worst, being blackheads & whiteheads. Bleeeh! A way to fight them is an over-the-counter salycic acid or glycolic acid product which dissolves dead skin that clogs pores. I recommend Neutrogena! This stuff right here! -->

Put it in a Love Song

This is really my song of the moment. --I've got it on repeat...I LOOVE IT to no end! LOL And I can't wait for them to release the video, being filmed in Rio de Janiro, Brazil! In the meantime, check out the song and a few snapshots of these lovely ladies on set! Looks like Bey & A.Keys are gonna set it on FIIREE!
The video is just for the audio, so skim through the shots below while you take a listen!


My interview about my collection "REESÈ" with Alison Douse from J'Adore Mag...
Comment and let me know what you think! :)

Model: Raqelle
Shorts: REESÈ 
Jewelry: Designs By Katiya 
Photography: Matthew Pompey

What's on repeat on my iTunes...


Soooo  I have to start off by saying sorry to Layla... I wasn't able to attend the event... BUT I was informed that it was an amazing night! Everyone came out in good spirits and enjoyed themselves. On behalf of Follow The L & Rejoice Life they'd like to thank EVERYONE who came out to support!

They managed to raise $810 and 100% of donations was sent to The Canadian Red Cross +

Here are some of the photos from Friday night...

 The rest of the photo's & more upcoming events can be seen... 

Special Thanks To:

GoldOil&Diamonds x SHASH Photography x Original Concepts x Thierry Lifestyle x The Broken Heel x REESE x Live a GL x Lobby x TallBoy Ent x DJ Swiss x DJ Kid x Mc Studz

Haute Olympics: Dream Figure Skating Costumes