Monday, January 11, 2010

NYC: Street chic

Anyone who knows me know that I'm huge fan of scarfs, especially big ones... Ripped jeans, converse --> Cute for a day where your just out and about.

Again LOVES the scarf... Kk the entire outfit is on point. Blazer, skinnies, bag to compliment the shoes, tee & necklaces = loves it ---> Only thing I would have done is no wrist jewelry, at the most keep the left wrist jewelery (her right).

Cute... From her hair to her shoes. The leather jacket and red lips gives her cute-sy look that edge to complete the outfit.

OK, hate the jacket but I adore everything else. From the side braid to the grunge-boots <---fabulousssss!

Personally this dress isn't something that I would wear... BUT I do think its looks good on her. Loves her look.

Blazer, tee and shoes = adores! Not a fan of the jeans that look like you ripped them yourself.

Very classy, I love her look.

I applaud her creativity... Don't agree on the colour of shoes she choose, but none the less she pulled it off.

Jazz says she doesn't like the sweater at all... BUT I LIKE her swag, not something I would wear but I adore people who dare to be different.

Source: Vogue.

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