Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lights... Camera... FASHION

Lulu Dash will be hosting it's very first Private Screening of the movie 'Black Swan' on Saturday, May 7th, 2011 at 8pm. Admission to this private screening event will be $5 and includes access to one of Toronto's most coveted venues and hors d'oeurves! To RSVP send us an email at 

*Please note that space is very limited so book your spot today!

'Black Swan' Costume Controversy

"Black Swan, the critically acclaimed thriller starring Natalie Portman as a deranged ballerina, has enjoyed considerable buzz throughout the past few months. A lesbian make-out scene caused quite a lot of excitement, and the off-screen romance between leading lady Portman and the film’s choreographer — who are now engaged and expecting a baby — satiated the tabloids.  But that’s all old news!  The latest hot Black Swan scandal: the costumes, which are the center of a mini controversy rocking the fashion community.

The film’s feathery tutus generated a lot of hype even before its release, thanks to the news that fashion-industry favorites Kate and Laura Mulleavy of the label Rodarte had designed some of the ballet outfits, which were a huge hit. Then in January several outlets reported that because the Mulleavy sisters were not part of the Costume Designers Guild, they were not even eligible for and Oscar for best costume. The fashion world threw a fit (a typical headline, on the website Fashionista, read “Why Rodarte Won’t Get the Credit They Deserve for Designing Black Swan’s Costumes”), and the film’s head designer, Amy Westcott, fought back, saying that Rodarte’s involvement with the costumes had been greatly exaggerated by the brand's PR and the press. It turns out the Rodarte Brand was only responsible for collaborating with costume designer Amy Wescott... on seven of the fourty costumes used in the film!
 To top everything off, after all of the drama, the film’s costumes didn’t even end up getting an Oscar nomination!!! (The film, however, is nominated for best picture, actress, director and several other Academy Awards.)
Click 'Read More' to take a look at some of  the costume designs that were at the center of all of this drama!

8 Rules Fashion Editors Live By

I don't remember where I found this list of rules, but I've had them stored in my phone just to share with YOU!

Rule #1: GO BIG
If you're wearing an eye-grabbing accessory (like an animal-print scarf), let it take center stage by pairing it with understated items.

Figure out what look- preppy, mod, grungy - is most you, and make it your signature.

The fastest, easiest way to pull nay ensemble together: Cinch a Belt Around Your Waist!

Rocking a print? Be sure the rest of your clothing picks up one of the colours in the pattern.

Rule #5: GET TOUGH
Pairing something edgy (a leather jacket) with something feminine (a floral top) always feels fashion forward.

A statement - making bag will instantly take whatever you're wearing to the next level.

Rule #7: BE SHADY
When putting colours together combine two brights or two pastels - not a bright and a pastel.

To avoid looking over-the-top, tone down a super-dressy skirt with a classic shirt.

12 Things To Give Up For Just One Day

Since we are still in the season of Lent (a religious, annual ritual of 40 days worth of Praying and Fasting) I figured that I would make a list of 12 Things To Give Up For Just One Day!

1. The headphones that block out the entire WORLD!
2. Anything you wear that hurts - The wobbly heels, The full body Spanx, the bag big enough  to carry a small child... You catch my drift.
3. The Second Glass of Wine. Actually, the first!
4. Saying "Yes" when you really feel like saying "No"
5. Slouching... Even on the toilet!!!
6. Texting! There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a friends voice ;;)
7. Processed food. Just so you could say you did it!
8. Procrastinating. And, no you can't put it off until next month.
9. Rolling your eyes. Difficult but extremely effective.
10. Listening to music on the radio. Try a talk show or the news... I recommend John Tesh!
11. Updating or visiting any social media website; as in facebook, twitter or tumblr.
12. Your birth control. Ha ha!!! WE KID (no seriously, don't give that up!)