Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paris Fashion Week

Lanvin Ready-To-Wear

Autumn/Winter 2010-11

Bold, daring, sexy, chic, brilliant, stunning, just absolutely SPECTACULAR!!! The shoes, jewelry & garments are simply breathtaking. In my opinion these pieces are not too extra (except for the last few photos) and def makes a statement. I need to meet this man!!!!!!!!  

Miss me?! ♥

HOLA! Ok wellll I have been without my lovely laptop for some time now since my STUPID chinchilla (yes I have a chinchilla as a pet lol) decided to chew up my laptop cord. Anywho I've clearly been absent from the blog for a while and my poor Reeeese has been tryna keep up! BUT..good news! =D I just ordered my Macbook online today aaannnnd I should be back at it shortly! Can't wait to get my baby in the mail!

Be back soooon! ♥