Wednesday, April 13, 2011

12 Things To Give Up For Just One Day

Since we are still in the season of Lent (a religious, annual ritual of 40 days worth of Praying and Fasting) I figured that I would make a list of 12 Things To Give Up For Just One Day!

1. The headphones that block out the entire WORLD!
2. Anything you wear that hurts - The wobbly heels, The full body Spanx, the bag big enough  to carry a small child... You catch my drift.
3. The Second Glass of Wine. Actually, the first!
4. Saying "Yes" when you really feel like saying "No"
5. Slouching... Even on the toilet!!!
6. Texting! There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a friends voice ;;)
7. Processed food. Just so you could say you did it!
8. Procrastinating. And, no you can't put it off until next month.
9. Rolling your eyes. Difficult but extremely effective.
10. Listening to music on the radio. Try a talk show or the news... I recommend John Tesh!
11. Updating or visiting any social media website; as in facebook, twitter or tumblr.
12. Your birth control. Ha ha!!! WE KID (no seriously, don't give that up!)

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