Sunday, January 03, 2010

Count your...

Back when I was in high school grade 11 -- My parenting teacher was young, intelligent and extremely kind... Ms. Peltz but we called her Ms. P. Their was a student that she taught that year that a lot of people made fun of. He would wore "the same tracks nearly everyday"... One day as we were all sitting in class our teacher decided to make him the topic of decision... She had asked us what we thought about him. To me I didn't know who he was, seen him a few times but didn't think much of him - Of course the snobby bitches in my class had a lot to say.
His name was Curtis... He had a younger sibbling that was in the hospital. He would go everyday before and after school to visit him. Ms. P didn't tell us detail about why his brother was in the hospital. Little did we know. We were so ignorant that this was why he wore the
"Same tracks nearly everyday"

A couple of days ago while I was at work I met a family of 4... Shopping for Christmas gifts with their son, a young man who was confined to a wheelchair... As I was helping his parents look for a gift for their daughter, the father had began to tell me a story I couldn't forget.
September 23rd 2009 was the night his son and his best friend got into a terrible car accident... His son woke up 3 weeks later to find out that he would be in a wheelchair for rest of his life and the worst he had lost his best friend.
To see his son smiling made my day! I was in a bad mood because I was late for work and it was FREEZING outside but yet this person who had lost a good friend and the ability to walk in a matter of 2.5 months...

A couple weeks later the father had come back to say thank you for helping him... & that they were informed a few days ago that it's possible for his son to be able to walk again! :)

I learned you'll never know what you have until its gone - literally!
At times when we feel like we're not getting our way or having a good day because of something so petty such as not getting a ride to work and having to walk or bus -- count your blessings!
& if you are getting ready to judge someone just think what could be their story?!


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