Tuesday, March 01, 2011



Reese  "Just the other day I was called “the female Justin bobby” - hmmmm not sure how I feel about that comment just yet, but I am guilty of the baggy, layered, bummy trend. What better way to complete the look? COMBAT BOOTS, Love, love, LOVE them!"
Zoey  "I love the combat boot. It's an upgrade from my childhood cadet boots. I can express my inner tomboy with my girlie-ness, so cute!" 

Jaclyn Genovese (designer)  "Grunch/combat boots - I love this look as long as you pair it with something more feminine - a dress, short shorts, skirt etc..."
Intern Tee  "Combat boots will always be in style I love when, I love when their mixed with glam!"
Erika (Designer)  "Combat boots? Hell yes, their perfect to add a little edge...!!!"
Amanda (model)  "I am a big fan and defiantly like the look because there is a slight boyish feel to the look but can very feminine at the same time. I often wear mine with dresses or leggings  and a tunic style shirt."

Let me know what you guys think!