Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wibble Waddle STRUT!

This is Beth Ditto, lead singer of a UK band called Gossip.

If you paid any attention during the F/W 2010 fashion shows you would have spotted her sitting front row at some of the biggest fashion shows along other A-List celebrity guests. Now Beth recently graced the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier's Ready-to-Wear S/S 2011 collection; She was used as a muse to showcase XXL appeal. Ditto seems to be the perfect fit for designer Gaultier as he has a knack for choosing models who will shake up the status quo. The model/singer that boast a size 28 figure may have recieved a thunderous applause while slinking herself down the runway, but not everyone was impressed.

Ditto definitely embraces her curves and had this to say to the haters:

"I don't understand all these women who say they feel betrayed by fashion. A piece of clothing can't talk — it can't tell you that you can't have it — so really, you're just telling yourself that," she told the Times in 2009. "You make yourself the victim, because if you want clothes that bad, then make them yourself. You have to get creative if you're fat."
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Whether Gaultier was trying to prove a point about the beauty of full figured women or shed some light on the controversy between XXL and XXS models, he definitley had everyone in the audience perched on the edge of their seats!

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