Monday, March 07, 2011

Dash's Notebook: How to get what YOU want!

Okay, so I admit I can be pretty stubborn and I love to get what I want, when I want it... But then again, Who doesn't?

Now, because I like what I want when I want it of courrsseee I would write down The Top 12 MOST PERSUASIVE words in the English language!

Here they are:

1. YOU

Surprised? Probably not... We all like to be acknowledged and appreciated. Now, be very careful, this word can be a little tricky. It can either get you what you want or a major beat down. Be sure not to use this word with an accusatory tone or you'll never get what you want... and I mean EVER!

What are the remaining eleven words on the Most Persuasive Words List?

2. Money
3. Save
4. New
5. Results
6. Health
7. Easy
8. Safety
9. Love
10. Discovery
11. Proven
12. Guarantee

Challenge: Try incorporating these words into your immediate vocabulary and see if it makes a difference.

Anddd... If anyone ends up getting a Black on Black Bentley Coupe out of it... Please let me know because I absolutely LOVE that car and by allowing me to drive it (all of the time) YOU will SAVE MONEY since YOU won't have to pay for gas. Plus it is PROVEN that the less YOU drive the more YOU can protect your HEALTH and SAFETY. This DISCOVERY has GUARENTEED RESULTS and the NEW precautionary method can be done in one EASY step; Just give the car to me!

LOL ;)