Sunday, March 28, 2010

Click, Flash...Captured!

I'm really not a photographer, but hey I'd like to be. I like taking pictures, maybe I'll look into it. Anyway, here are some amateur shots of mine! LOL

"That means you're not supposed to enter."

"The tallest buildings, cast the biggest shadows."

"What's that peeping through the window?"

"I crawl inside and hide for protection. Why else would they call it a safe?"

"Graffiti, Grime, Grunge...Greatness."

"Up, up, & awaaay!"

"Butt might be sore but strap yourself in, we're going joy riding!"

"J is for Jaassmine."

"Yes. I've been to Narnia."

"Vroom Vroom"


"Don't be a littler bug. Mississauga has enough trash already..."

"I like it here..."

"Stay out...I'm poopin'!"

"That's a dooozie..LET THE AIR IN!"


"I think she could use a good ol' paint job Leeroy!"

"It's about that time chap..."

"Clean up in aisle 3!"

"I call it...

Sitting in the window"

I ♥ T.O

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  1. Really good!! LOL mississauga has enough trash already SO TRUE!