Monday, March 01, 2010

And she's growing up!

I really wish I looked this put together when I was 15. LOL it was pretty much sweats for me! Anywhoo, some of you know her, some might not, but she's growing up nicely and shaping into a pretty young lady. She's got quite the wrap sheet when it comes to movies and I'd say she's a pretty good actor especially considering her age. Random actress of the moment...DAKOTA FANNING!

She does NOT look her age here AT ALL. Never-the-less, pretty picture.

Again...I didn't look like this when I was her age...LOL.

I love the vibe of this picture. Not so much a fan of Kristen Stewart, but she's alright in this one. =)

This is a really nice natural beauty shot of her.

I still don't wear heels on the regular like this. LOL Kudos to her!

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