Sunday, March 28, 2010

03.27.2010 BTS of another REESÉ photo shoot...

Soooooooo guess how my Saturday morning started... Jazze & I woke up 30 mins before our ride come for us -------> and I didn't even finish picking! After running around like crazy EVERYTHING was packed and I'm feeling confident... Daniele calls me to tell me she's waiting for us downstairs... Jazze and I start bringing down the luggage; 1 suit case & 4 duffle bags!!! Sooooooooo we load the car - Annie, Daniele, Jazze & I got downtown around 11:30am <---- Mind you I'm late call time was 11am... ANYWAY we're getting ready to start and it just clicked in THAT I LEFT THE GARMENTS AT THE CONDO (Sauga) ---------> I was loosing my mind!!!!!!! Shout out to Jazze, Annie & Eric for holding me down as we RUSHED back.... ANOTHER SHOUT OUT TO MY ENTIRE TEAM FOR BEING THERE AND GETTING ISH DONE - I'm soooooo proud to say that their friends of mine! ♥   

Model: Daniele and my old friend Eric... He came to visit me while on break from the UK - Miss you already!
Please excuse the fact that I look like a bum - It was an early morning! BTS with model Dayana...
Models Daniele & Annie
Matthew Pompey getting it in with model Zoey <---- LOVES HER!!!
Model: Annie

Never a dull moment with Alta Moda!

Our laughter lasted a good 20 minutes... LOL - There is never a serious moment with this chick around!
"Ohhhhh no they did NOT just take a picture of us" - While waiting on our photographers to get situated people on the street were snapping pictures of us... They thought we were famous LOLOL!! 


  1. Thats amazing!!! Keep photos coming. :)

    Its Funkie Monkie lol

  2. the clothes look great i just have one question.... if ur trying to promote class how do u think that comes across with ghetto stars tatted on ur body? just my opinion

  3. Ghetto? If you ask me it sounds like your tryna get at me... Since when do "stars" or tattoo's define ghetto? Tattoo's don't define your intellect or ability... Class is how you portray it... Thanks for your opinion though.

  4. Hi! I was wondering where Jazze's shoes are from? I WANT!