Monday, February 08, 2010


I love spreading the word on upcoming talent, and this young lady is one I could NOT keep from you guys. Reema Major is more than a triple threat, she sings, acts, writes, dances, and what she's MOST recognized for, raps. After listening to a few of her tracks it's REALLY hard to believe this girl is only 15! This girl is DOPE! She has such an interesting story behind her, born in Khartoum, Sudan June 24th, 1994, she grew up struggling. At the age of three, her family migrated to Windsor, Ontario Canada with hopes of a better life. Fluent in Arabic, Reema's culture & Arabic music has inspired her. A part of G7 Universe, co-founded by Kwajo Cinqo, a member of the Canadian Hip Hop group, "Ghetto Concept", Reema works extremely hard looking to excel in the game. Peep a few tracks to see what she's REALLY all about!

When asked, “Why are you so determined and believe you’ll go far?” She simply replied, “Because I am Reema Major”.

A few links for you to check out!

Follow her on Twitter:
Best of Me Freestyle - (14 years old.)
Gucci Bag - Available on Itunes
Arabic Princess - available on itunes
Mixtape " Youngest in Charge"
Reema Major's New Freestyle " Found My Swag"


  1. lol kinda sounds like nicky

  2. i heard her tracks in the cafeteria at school she gets mad ratings still