Thursday, February 25, 2010


Soooo  I have to start off by saying sorry to Layla... I wasn't able to attend the event... BUT I was informed that it was an amazing night! Everyone came out in good spirits and enjoyed themselves. On behalf of Follow The L & Rejoice Life they'd like to thank EVERYONE who came out to support!

They managed to raise $810 and 100% of donations was sent to The Canadian Red Cross +

Here are some of the photos from Friday night...

 The rest of the photo's & more upcoming events can be seen... 

Special Thanks To:

GoldOil&Diamonds x SHASH Photography x Original Concepts x Thierry Lifestyle x The Broken Heel x REESE x Live a GL x Lobby x TallBoy Ent x DJ Swiss x DJ Kid x Mc Studz


  1. I absolutely love it! Thanks girl! And ur forgiven this time..but if i dont see u at the next one...its ur neck!!! lol....