Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Chris Breeezy

Chris Brown on Ustream with a few others in the studio. CB previews his new Mixtape dropping on goood ol' Valentine's Day! From what I heard so far in the video...I caaaan't wait to hear it! I'll probably always remain a CB fan! DO your thing CHRIS!

Video's a tad long, but you can skim through! =)

Alsooooo thinking Reese & I might just have to start up a Ustream account! LOL Tooo many funny moments to share!


  1. OMG!!!! breezy is amazing and i never stopped loving his music like Hello its Chris Brown (im in total crush mode lol).. cant wait for the mixtape either :)

  2. Disgusting, how dare you post such insensitive opinions on Reese's blog? Now woman who've been in a similar situation like Rihanna will neglect Reese's clothing line. Great going Domo. lol (kidding...kinda)

  3. LOL, thanks! You'd have to understand my perspective on the situation before you ridicule. First off, I don't condone his type of behaviour in regards to the whole Rihanna situation. AT ALL. What everyone needs to realise is I'm appreciating him for his musicality, not his personality, wrong doings or faults. In my eyes, he is a musician. I don't know him, don't care to know him, I appreciate good talent, no matter what. That's just my opinion though. And for someone to basically boycott Reese's line because I posted a video of Chris Brown showcasing his music, that is completely unfair to Reese. I don't think people would do that though even if they DID in fact go through the same situation.
    Thanks for your comment though! Seriously.

  4. slooowww gurlllllllll...gurl would u bac it up....thats my shit!!....aint no question shawty u can get it ..wrk wit itttttttttt...twerk wit meee.....BLOODCLOTT!!!!!!!!!braaappppp...what the hell the name of that songggg....bad tune

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  6. why r u on reeses site your some ugly unknown with no friends

    stop trying

    reese please find someone new

  7. Anonymous please get a life!
    You are talking about one of MY friends... & she is great asset to the blog. WHAT I'M trying to understand is why do people insist on writing ish like "Domo needs to find new friends.." & "Reese find someone new.." <--- What response did you really think you are going to get from us? WE'RE FRIENDS... & if you don't like it thats just to damn bad.

    Thanks for your opinion but it wasn't necessary!

  8. Couldn't have said it better myself!