Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sass & Bide Inspired by the Lady from Bramalea City Center and Robert Munsch?

So the Sass & Bide Spring/Summer 2011 collection debuts an interesting new hair style. I'd like to think that they were inspired by either the lady from Bramalea City Center (Brampton, Ontario) or the Robert Munsch story 'Stephanie's Ponytail' Eventhough the lady from BCC wears her hair like that because she is balding in the front (shes such a smart cookie!)and Steph just wants to be different, Im kinda digging the Sass & Bide braid with a front bun. What do you all think... Fashion Forward or Fashion Faux Pas?!

1 comment:

  1. loool! That lady is my friend! She's a regular customer at Tim Hortons at Yorkdale, she's a sweetie.

    I think it's odd, but if you can pull it off, GP FOR IT!