Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fashion is the motivator

Fashion definitely motivates me to want to get into shape and since we all want to be able to get those thigh high booties up over our knees here are 5 EASY tips that can help you work fitness into your day to day life.

Tip 1: Use the stairs.
The stairs are and easy way to work your thighs calves and glutes ;) Besides elevators are so over rated!

Tip 2: Go the extra mile.
Get off the bus or park your car further from your destination and walk the rest of the way. Its the perfect way to refresh your mind while working your body, plus you might just bump into a cutie on your way!!!

Tip 3: Carry your groceries home, or load your purse with a water bottle or two and hold in your hands instead of over your shoulder. This technique is an awesome way to get your arms nicely toned.

Tip 4: Chew celery! Did you know that eating celery is considered exercising because you're burning more calories than you consume?! IIIII KNOW! Plus working all of those muscles in your face is sure to keep you looking young and healthy. Go 'head 'Work those cheek muscles!!!'

Tip 5: Dance like its nobody's business! THAT'S MY FAV!!!! Change your alarm clock to the radio setting and in the mornings wake up and shake your booty! Best cardio workout EVER and its an amazing way to get the day started! (Just don't break anything! LOL)

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