Saturday, September 18, 2010

Monster in the Subway

Now I'm usually not much of a subway person... The smell, the germs and the fact that its hot as hell down there are complete turn offs. But in order to really get a feel for NYC we decided to get it in! So were walking down into the subway to catch the train and we hear this loud and thunderous booming noise. Now im getting a little freaked out and im just about ready to turn around and just walk the rest of the way in my heels! We decide to thug it out and keep going. My heart starts beating like crazy as we turn the corner to approach the platform. We hang a left and this is what we saw...

Surprisingly, the New York subways were pretty clean and and let's just say we witnessed some very interesting characters down there. I loved every moment of it! Here's some more from our subway adventures.

Reese's new BFF!!! LOOOL

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