Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let's get eco friendly!

Nails polish is another one of those many obsessions of mine! I own approximately 40+ bottles of polish... From OPI to Essie, each and everyone of the these bottles, including nail polish remover contains toxins. These toxins will eventually damage your nails... From me painting my nails every other day - I started to see a faint yellow tint on the surface of my nails and they started to break with the slightest bit of pressure. A friend of mine told me about organic nail polish and nail polish remover... THANK THE LORD!

I started to learn more about the product and other products that are eco friendly. Products such as make up, toys, house hold products to food - who knew?! A great place to visit and learn more is Pistachio: http://www.epistachio.com/index.html - Products that has the least impact on the Earth... Give it a try, it's your Earth to;) - You may think that was corny BUT it's true, so do your part!

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