Thursday, December 24, 2009

REESÉ fashion show...

My second fashion show for REESE at Caesar Martini - Waterloo...
Hard when you are in the be hide the scenes... BUT I know that under intense pressure my models held it down! NO rehearsal, NO hair stylist <-- bailed out... etcccccc overall from my models to my AMAZING team, I wouldn't have pulled it off without any of them♥

Host Kristelle Lucia owner of Lucia i Lucia lux boutique introducing REESE...

Model: Jean... Looking ravishing in "Flirty night out"

Model: Diana... Stunning as ever in "Beach-boyfriend" with Gafas gorgeous pair of 80's vintage Dior.

Model: Monika... Looking uber cute "SBM2"

Model: Erica... Looking fab-u-lous in "V1"

Model: Chanel... Turning heads in "RG" (pants) wearing (looooove these) Gafas stunning pair of Dita vault XANADU.

Model: Mandy... Looking gaaaaaaawgeous in "V2"

Model: Katie... Rocking the runway in "Hooded-cutie" WITH MY PERSONAL FAV of Gafas Dita Copious.

Model: Chirsty... KILLING the runway way in "B/W Rose" --> SOO PROUD of you babygirl! xo

Model: Savy... Looking glamorous in "Can't keep her waiting"

Model: Jasmine... Looking BEYOND beautiful in "Mixxed-breed"

Model: Monika... Absolutely stunning in "Fashionably late"

Model: Zoey... Making her mark on the runway as certified DIVA in "Power-REESE" while rocking Gafas pair of 80's vintage Playboy.

About to take my walk on the carpet - stressed much?

My gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawgeous models & I ♥ --Whewwwwwwwww good show ladies!

Special thanks goes out to...

My mommy
Kristelle Lucia
Matthew Pompey
SNAP magazine
& all my friends who came out to support :)

Any information or inquiries on REESÉ...

561 Queen Street W
Toronto, ON M5V 2B6
(416) 601-4786

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