Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15th - 11:49pm

Soooooo Ms KYATTTY TORRES finally convinced me to go out with her & VeeVee --- BUT REALLY WHY AM I STILL WAITING ON VEEVEE TO PICK ME UP? Ugh, I totally forgot what it was like to go out with these ladies! We make plans to LEAVE at 11:30pm... Another 15mins goes by, VeeVee msgs me to tell me that she is just now getting ready! As I am sitting on my phone, taking pictures on the MAC & listening to music FULLY DRESSED.... Another 10mins --- Still taking pictures... 12:03am SHE'S HERE!!!!

Shout out to the slowest ladies in the GTA... Kat & VeeVee!<3



  1. lmaooo & I met yall in esplanade @ 1am...smh. "Always late...when I hit the club"

  2. LOL... your late for everything NOT just the club!

  3. very true...I was actually thinkin that as I was typin but I said ah well, let's just stick to weezy's line ;) PS I'm workin on my punctuality!