Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Behind the scenes...

Here's a little sneak peek of "REESE Couture" most recent photo shoot...

The secret weapon - coco butter OR vasline! ;)
Model: Katie

I love snack time - Fruit♥

Yayaya I know... Haven't your mother ever told you don't play with your food - SO WHAT! :)

Katie, myself & Dayana

Model: Dayana

Model: Asheley

My lovely intern Whitney♥

Whitney & I

- Gold fishes anyone? Yummmmmmy, Had to take a lil break ;)

Model: Dayana

Wrapping up a full day of a successful shoot - To excited to so you all the finals!

Designer: REESE
Intern: Whitney
Models: Katie, Dayana & Ashley
Hair: Reese
Makeup: Models&Reese
Photography: Matthew Pompey of Meticulous Design Studios

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