Saturday, May 08, 2010

Such a shame. =(

Now I love Toronto. But this really just upsets me. On May 5th, an 18 year old Toronto man, by the name of Junior "Tubz" Alexander Manon was allegedly beat to death by a group of Toronto police officers. In the news article I read, it was said that the officers pulled over a vehicle for a random roadside check and the victim fled the scene, shortly followed by the officers pursuing him on foot. The police have claimed that Junior had a heart attack while trying to escape, but witnesses say otherwise. The case is currently being investigated by the SIU (Special Investigations Unit). Lets hope Junior and his family get some sort of justice here. All I know is that this is NOT ok, its such a shame someone so young had to pass, and even more of a shame that the same people who are supposed to be protecting us are the ones who we should fear. R.I.P Junior "Tubz" Manon and condolences from Alta Moda to his loved ones.

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