Tuesday, July 13, 2010

06.20.10... Launching Mesh Boutique

June 20th 2010 was a special day, not only was I celebrating my 21st birthday with the ones I love but I  was also launching my online boutique... Atla Moda, REESÉ, DBK, Demi Valentine & Domo Jewelry launches MeshBoutique.ca  

There are toooo many people to thank... DBK Jewelry (Katiya) is one of the many.
Sooooo let me tell you how I HATE, absolutely HATE when people put me on the spot... 
AND when people sing happy birthday to me! Luh you Tam!!
Thanking my team & supporters 
My interview with Brenda from Patent Magazine. 
Altaaaaaaaaaaaaa Modaaaaaaaaaaaaa
A HUGE thank you too my family, friends and amazing supports for coming out and helping me celebrate this special day... This day wouldn't have happened without...
Zoey, Niko, Tamara, Katiya, Tamika, Sherri, Alison, Jazze, Kiddie, Noir, Wolf J, Alien, Elie, Shlian, Teresa, Jasmine, Neesha, Jalyssa, Annie, Tien, Matthew, Ozzi, Marley, Anna, Amanda, Gabby, Shantelle, Hayat, Nicole, Rohanna, Addy, Iman & MUCH MORE!

Sorry if I didn't mention anyone... 4:30a.m <----- Caaaaamon!


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  1. Extremely well put together, classic, high fashion, and overall an amazing looking night. Great job ladies.